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内容摘要:Li Yunpin, chairman of Zhejiang Wanshun Garment Co., Ltd., took the lead in launching the first live online broadcast among branded children...
Li Yunpin, chairman of Zhejiang Wanshun Garment Co., Ltd., took the lead in launching the first live online broadcast among branded children's clothing. More than half of the stores participated in the broadcast, with sales reaching more than 1 million in one and a half hours and the second directly exceeding 5 million.

"When the new retail era is coming, we must break the traditional path dependence, exploit the market with new methods and new ideas, and push accurately."  According to Chen Yongjie, deputy party secretary and mayor of Zhili town, "digitalization" is becoming a forerunner in the high-quality development of Zhili children's clothing industry.

As it said, the epidemic is a ordeal, but there are also changes in the crisis.  In response to the impact of the epidemic on the offline real economy, Zhejiang enterprises' demand for the Internet has shown a "blowout" growth.  Live sales, community marketing, private domain traffic ... In just over a month, "digitalization" may become a new direction of enterprise transformation, "cloud economy" is reshaping Zhejiang's brand-new competitiveness.

A large electronic screen, a video connection, an online live broadcast ... Jiaxing Tongxiang City, a total investment of 16.21 billion yuan project concentrated signing conference kicked off in the "cloud".  Operate the mouse, through online remote connection, "face-to-face" signing becomes "screen-to-screen" signing.

"At present, the epidemic situation is facing new situations and new challenges in attracting investment. To carry out investment promotion and negotiation without meeting can strengthen project tracking and service, so as to realize that the project will not stop and the service will not drop off during the epidemic prevention period."  Tongxiang city officials said.

At the same time, it is not only the signing conference that has stepped onto the "cloud".  Since the resumption of work in February, Zhejiang enterprises have started their business by means of "digitalization" such as "cloud review", "cloud commencement" and "cloud recruitment". Through "screen-to-screen", "line-to-line connection" and "cloud communication", they have run out of "acceleration" in development.

Under this background, "cloud" enterprises, such as the nail that focuses on mobile office and e-sign treasure in the field of electronic signature, are experiencing unprecedented demand growth.

According to the relevant person in charge of E-sign, from the business volume point of view, as of February 1 up to now, the number of E-sign's opening businesses in nailing micro-applications has increased by more than 20 times compared with January, and the number of paid orders has increased by more than 10 times over the same period of last year.

"We believe that" cloud signing "and other modes are not only an online office tool, but also an innovative breakthrough that breaks through time and space and interactive communication. A series of" cloud services "represented by these modes not only endow social war and epidemic momentum, but also promote social and economic development. They will have wider application space and development potential."  E sign treasure related person in charge said.

As it has said, the changes brought about by the epidemic to logistics, purchasing and consumption patterns not only show Zhejiang the greater potential of enterprise "digitalization" transformation, but also make Zhejiang feel the urgency of "digitalization" of the entire market link.





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